For now, consider this site a digital notebook: its forms and contents and content-forms and form-contents in apparently-static flux; scratched-out, erased, highlighted, underlined, revised, annotated textual-algorithmic delirium. The notebook does not exist as a Whole; only provisionally as pages that may or may not be related (in whichever way one may choose to relate them).

It is difficult (and, perhaps, futile) to legislate the copyright status of the site itself. Rather, where possible, materials (text, audio, video, etc.; any data encapsulated in a codec) here will be provided under a CC0 license (summary, legal text) or a GNU equivalent, in the case of software. As for the "design" or anything else that constitutes a part of the site but isn't necessarily a material hosted on the site, you are welcome to use, misuse, or not use (but never abuse) them at your discretion.

Regarding translations, each is provided as downloadable .pdf and .epub files for ease of access. Unless otherwise specified, no translation here has been undertaken with permission (explicit or otherwise) of the author(s), publisher(s), or other right-holder(s), if any. If you are one of these parties in relation to any of the translations hosted here and would like to request it be taken down, you may make the request here and I will gladly oblige. Alternatively, if you would like to publish a translation, you are also welcomed to contact.

For citation of and/or reference to the site or any of its materials:

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  • If using one set of pronouns provides greater referential clarity, you may use the first set

  • Mention the date in the "up-date" field along with the date of retrieval (down-date)

  • You are welcome to use any of the work without citation, unless otherwise specified, especially if doing so will engender a rigor of usage that a deferential practice of citation eschews.

The up-date provided at the foot of the page refers to when the last update to any part of the site was made and is not page-specific. Anything on or of this site is potentially subject to revision, displacement, and/or deletion without any notice. As such, you are encouraged to make downloads or copies of whatever you wish, given the intention (not in the phenomenological sense but can be read as that until the intended sense is elaborated on) of notes given here or otherwise (rather than a legislative, discursive, semantic, literal, metaphorical, syntactic, or other reading of them) is followed while doing so.